Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bring Spring!

Friends, brothers, fellow countrymen! Too long have we suffered the gloom of winter. Too long have we cowered by the fireside, waiting for mellower days.
Prieteni, frati, concetateni! Prea multa vreme am suferit intunecimea iernii. Prea multa vreme ne-am ascuns pe langa vetre, sperand sa se inmoaie vremea.

Well, I say no longer! The time has come for us to liberate our bodies from their wolly prisons! To roam the streets without hats and gloves, basking in a sun the existence of which we had almost forgotten!
Dar a fost destul!  A venit vremea sa ne eliberam trupurile din inchisorile lor de lana! Sa hoinarim pe strazi, fara caciula si manusi in lumina unui soare de a carui existenta aproape ca uitasem.

My army may not stand tall, but it stands ready. Come join us, come fight the Battle for Spring, today and tomorrow, between 11 and 6, at J'ai Bistrot.
Armata mea nu e mare, dar e pregatita. Alaturati-va noua, veniti sa luptati in Batalia pentru Primavara, azi si maine, intre 11 si 6, la J'ai Bistrot.
And let winter fight back. If it dares.
Si iarna n-are decat sa se impotriveasca. Daca indrazneste.


Dan said...

It worked! Spring was in London today. Back door open, sunglasses on, no coat at the football. Hope it worked there too...!

atelieremirage said...

please send me an e-mail adress. i've seen your works at i'ai bistrot and i'm very interested.
hope to hear from you soon.