Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Baby stuff

I'm expecting a baby.
Astept un copil.
Well, it's not mine, but that doesn't mean I can't expect him with all the crafty goodies I think he might need or enjoy. Oh yes, I plan to be an exemplary aunty! Here is some stuff I made for he who will be born tomorrow.

Ma rog, nu-i al meu, dar asta nu inseamna ca nu pot sa-l astept cu toate minunatiile facute de mana si care m-am gandit ca i-ar trebui sau placea. O da, planuiesc sa fiu o matusa exemplara! Iata niste chestii pe care le-am facut pentru cel ce se va naste maine.

Silly onesies are a must:
Era musai sa aiba hainute caraghioase:
Stylish cloths to vomit on are also very important (since we don't have burp cloths in Romania, I took the liberty to coin the term "vomitowels" -much more suggestive, don't you think?):

Carpe elegante pe care sa vomiti sunt si ele foarte importante:

Si, pentru un somn lung care sa-i ofere mamei pretioase momente de liniste:
And, for a long sleep which will provide mum with precious moments of peace:

I've been wanting to make a chenille blanket for a long time, but I didn't have a good enough reason. Well, now I did!

De mult imi doream sa fac o patura in tehnica chenille, dar niciodata n-am avut un motiv destul de bun. Acum am avut!

Baby furniture - check
Bedding and clothing - check
A healthy amout of panic - check
We're ready for you, little guy!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Love critters

It seems that, even though the frenzy of spring is over, love-time for mucklor starts now. They get all silly and pursue their potential mates with such tenderness and delicate care!

Se pare ca, desi frenezia primaverii a trecut, anotimpul iubirii de-abia acum incepe pentru mishumaci.
Incep sa se prosteasca si isi curteaza potentialele partenere cu atata tandrete si delicata
atentie !
They bring flowers and sweets and precious shiny things. They sing and dance and brush their tails neatly.
Aduc flori si dulciuri si alte pretioase lucruri stralucitoare. Canta si danseaza si isi periaza frumos cozile.
They say sweet things and do their best to look their best.

Spun lucruri dragute si fac tot posibilul sa arate cat mai bine.
But never do they lose their funny-shaped heads entirely!

Dar niciodata nu-si pierd caraghiosul cap in totalitate!