About Fălushtain

Born as a drunken joke amongst metalhead students, the imaginary land of Fălushtain is probably the largest, longer-running inside joke ever to exist. In its 15-year existence as an Independent Imaginary Republic, the land of Fălushtain has been constantly enriched with new forms of relief, species of flora and fauna, famous people and significant events.

Nowadays, among its many other functions, the land of  Fălushtain is home and shelter to all sorts of freaks, monsters and creatures who would not be looked upon with kind eyes by the general population. A sort of a large scale Hotel Transylvania, if you will, which is doubly fitting, since Fălushtain was born in Transylvania.

The oddly charming creatures featured on this blog are all proud citizens of  Fălushtain, the realm in which the only thing viewed as odd is the desire not to be odd. 

Complete name: The Independent Imaginary Republic of Fălushtain 
Official languages: Transylvanian, pond English, beer Portuguese
Anthem: The Forest Whispers My Name
Flag: not yet decided, but probably something with a lot of black in it
Capital and largest city: Fălushtain-upon-Payne
Area: varies according to the mood of its inhabitants
Population: varies according to the mood of its inhabitants
Currency: 500ml beer bottle