Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hear ye, hear ye!

In all the excitement of bragging with my latest stuff, I forgot to post a notice.
Cu tot entuziasmul laudei de sine, am uitat sa postez acest anuntz.

1. From now on, my blog will be bilingual. Might make it trilingual too one day, when I can express myself decently in a third language.
De acum incolo, blogul meu va fi bilingv. Cine stie, poate il fac si trilingv cand oi fi in stare sa ma exprim coerent in o a treia limba.

2. Falushtain now has an official pet: Karcsi the glow-in-the-dark bat. Don't worry, he won't go for your hair; he's too lazy to move from his spot at the side of the page.
Falushtain are acum un animal oficial: Karcsi, liliacul fosforescent. Nu va agitati, nu vi se va agatza in par; e prea lenes ca sa se miste din locsorul lui de la marginea paginii.

More work in progress

Look what I did today!
Iote ce-am facut azi!
This is Sophie, the trouble maker. Her dress is not quite finished, I'll post more pics when she's properly dressed. But I like how her face turned out.
Asta e Sophie cea buclucasa. Rochia nu-i e chiar gata, voi posta mai multe poze cand o imbrac ca lumea. Dar imi place cum i-a iesit mutra.
And this is Ulrika. She made me laugh out loud with how outrageous she looks. She reminds me of a brightly dressed African woman with fruit on her head.
Si asta-i Ulrika. Am ras singura de cat de exagerat arata. Imi aminteste de o negresa imbracata colorat si cu fructe pe cap.

But what delights me most is all those little left-over scraps from old projects, each with a story to tell, being turned into something pretty.
Dar ceea ce-mi face cea mai mare placere sunt ramasitele de la proiecte vechi, fiecare cu povestea ei, si care devin impreuna ceva frumos.

I love the transition from this:
Imi place trecerea de la asta:
To this:
La asta:
And then to this:
Si apoi la asta: later become what you'll see in a future post soon. sa devina in final ceea ce veti vedea intr-un alt post in curand.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Had a good week. I made the first 2 sales on my online shop (yay!), so I'll have to say bye to Gersvinda and Chilperic, who are going to live in Germany from now on.

Turns out I'm going to GreenFair, which I see as a great opportunity for me. It's also a great opportunity to freak out, as I only have 2 weeks left and not enough stuff to take with me. I'm working on 7 dolls, a handful of keycreeps and a big lot of leaves, hope I finish all I'm planning to do. I haven't even figured out how to display them yet. Any ideas? Preferably something that's not too hard to transport 300km away!

Oh, and I also have 3 uni assignments due next week. And I'm sitting here blogging. Eh... what's the rush...

Work in progress:

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Total nonsense

It's midnight.
Mood: creatively excited (the excited part might be due to too much caffeine too)
And this is what happens when you work on 4 different things at once (well, 5, if we count the uni assignment I finished half an hour ago):
The perceptive eye can observe, hidden among the debris, 2 keycreeps, a dismembered, half-clothed goth doll (or should I say pre-membered, as she's not ready yet), a project I am not yet allowed to talk about, and the messy scraps left over from... these two cuties!
Their names are Sigeric and Pippa. I seriously had to fight the urge to cuddle Sigeric to bed last night, when I finished him.

View from the seat at my sewing machine:
And, just to feed my obsessive-compulsive tendencies (yes, the ones that make me remember silly little insignificant anniversaries, like the 7000th photo taken with my precious camera), this is the 7000th photo I took with my camera. Crappy pic, I haven't even bothered to rotate it, but I had to mark the moment.
Maybe I should sleep now :>

Monday, March 16, 2009

Another lot of leaves

I used up the last of the fabric I made for the Xmas presents for some more leaves: 2 pairs of earrings and 2 necklaces. Making such recycled fabric is probably my favourite crafy activity. Next up: some autumn leaves and maybe some flowers too.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Just got meself an online shop. Look at the right of the page :)


The most precious things I brought back from my European wanderings were these 2 books. I bought them both not so much because I needed them, but because I wanted them to remind me of where I was at the time and how I felt. This one I can't even read, as it's in Dutch (I am so very practically-minded!), but it has techniques for drawing elves, fairies and their environments, and I got a lot of ideas from it. Not to mention it's so pretty I picked it up and looked through it every day since I got home.

And this one has a lot of patterns of character dolls. The faces are horrid, but the costume patterns will be very useful for my future projects.