Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Total nonsense

It's midnight.
Mood: creatively excited (the excited part might be due to too much caffeine too)
And this is what happens when you work on 4 different things at once (well, 5, if we count the uni assignment I finished half an hour ago):
The perceptive eye can observe, hidden among the debris, 2 keycreeps, a dismembered, half-clothed goth doll (or should I say pre-membered, as she's not ready yet), a project I am not yet allowed to talk about, and the messy scraps left over from... these two cuties!
Their names are Sigeric and Pippa. I seriously had to fight the urge to cuddle Sigeric to bed last night, when I finished him.

View from the seat at my sewing machine:
And, just to feed my obsessive-compulsive tendencies (yes, the ones that make me remember silly little insignificant anniversaries, like the 7000th photo taken with my precious camera), this is the 7000th photo I took with my camera. Crappy pic, I haven't even bothered to rotate it, but I had to mark the moment.
Maybe I should sleep now :>


Sanda said...

Happy 7000th aniversary and many many more returns - (at least another 70000 :-)
Anyway, "returns" in the sense of coming back, not rotating the picture :-)
Serios acum, sunt simpatici cei doi, si de ce nu l-ai luat cu tine in pat pe S. ? Nu era nimic rau in asta.:-)

NeMe said...

Pai... acum is mare, n-ar mai trebui sa dorm cu papushi... nu? :D

SMA said...

Felicitari pentru creatii!!! pentru shop si pentru indraznelala de a spune ce simti!!!(prin creatii mai ales)
Ma bucur sa te cunosc si mai trec pe aici.
Pandantivul cu frunze e minunat!
Succes maxim!!!

Ela said...

Sunt tare dragalasi! Parca cer mangaieri continui!