About the Homeless Fairy

The Homeless Fairy is the brand which releases the more well-behaved creatures of Fălushtain into the world. The name came up in the winter of 2014, when, experimenting with my newly-discovered love for making clothes, I made myself an asymmetrical patchwork dress in lots of colours, which seemed to be staying in one piece by magic rather than by the efficiency of my stitching. Seeing it on, my friends reached an instant consensus: "You totally look like a homeless fairy!". So Homeless Fairy it is! 
Toying with the idea of turning that witticism into a brand, it became more and more fitting to me. The things I sew, just like the things I wear and the things I think, are half pastel innocence, half sarcasm and darkness; half rags and half magic. I also use recycled textiles almost exclusively, materials others have forgotten or discarded. Yes, I scavenge for usable fabrics in other people's closets and in flea market mounds. Also, "homeless" because most of the creatures I make are cute beasts waiting to be adopted into a loving home. And last but not least, you must agree it sounds really cool! :)
Fălushtain, my inner homeland, is dark, mysterious and creepy in an oddly attactive way. The Homeless Fairy is its silver lining.

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