Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sunshine Blog Award

Am primit de curand acest premiu de la doua persoane diferite: Elena si Ortansa. Multumesc frumos! Acum o sa respect si eu regulile, adica astea:

... si o sa-l dau mai departe dupa cum urmeaza:

I recently received this award from two different people. I shall follow the rules and offer it to 12 other people in my reading list, as follows:

1.Dear Fii, for her colourful happy blog
2.Vintage Ricrac, for her beautiful doll-sagas and wonderful sarcasm
3.Fryd og Design, because she lives in a fairytale place
4.Colette Almai, for her incredibly beautiful creations
5.Luxquilt, for her very inspirational work
6.Peticel, because she makes me smile with every handbag she makes
7.SmaBla, for her cheerful writing and unusual creations
8.New Age Dolls, for her perfectly enchanting creepiness
9.Joyce Stahl, because her dolls are positively jaw-dropping
10.Ro Bruhn, for art I wish I could produce
11.Skellyton Art, for her amazing dolls
12.Peticelul Romanesc, to all my fellow group members who help, inspire, comment and motivate

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Day

Stiti ce-i in poza asta? Un misumac care sta pe niste carti, desigur! Pe misumac il cunoasteti, pe carti nu. Asa ca daca sunteti curiosi, puteti vedea povestea lor aici.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Yay, finally finished! The first quilt I've completed in the last maybe 4 years. Part of a group project, it involved the use of 4 compulsory pieces of fabric. And it also had to be completed by March 8th, which means I am not late! Unbelievable!

Iee, in sfarsit am terminat! Primul quilt pe care l-am facut in mai bine de 4 ani. Parte a unui proiect de grup, implica folosirea obligatorie a 4 bucati de material. Si trebuia terminat pana in 8 martie, ceea ce inseamna ca nu am intarzia! Incredibil!
Two of the pieces became hills, the third was chopped up and incorporated into the sky, and the one with green became the roof of the house. I also cut out some "ivy" from one of the fabrics. What's a gnome house without ivy, aye?

Doua dintre bucati au devenit dealuri, pe a treia am taiat-o si am incorporat-o in cer, si cea cu verde a devenit acoperisul casei. Din cea roz am decupat si niste iedera. Ce-i o casa de pitic fara iedera, nu?
I quilted cloud outlines and various other incoherent squiggles on the sky:

Pe cer am quiltuit contururi de nori si diverse alte mazgaleli incoerente:
For the big hills, I followed the pattern of the fabric: stipple (with added flowers) for one, spirals for the other.

Pentru dealurile mari am urmat modelul materialului: stipple (cu flori) pentru primul, spirale pentru celalalt.

I've been dreaming of quilting circles like I had seen in many other quilts for a long time. The stones in the road gave me this opportunity. I now feel accomplished: I can quilt that pattern too! And the back didn't even look as disastruous as I had expected.

De mult imi doream sa quiltuiesc cercuri cum mai vazusem in multe quilturi. Pietrele de pe drum mi-au dat in sfarsit posibilitatea. Ma simt implinita acum: pot si eu sa quiltuiesc modelul ala! Si pe dos nici nu arata as dezastruos pe cat ma asteptam.
I left the most important detail of the quilt, the gnome, for last. Not a very wise practical decision, but I kept delaying it because I didn't know how to make it so that it would look like the image in my head. This is what i did eventually:

Am lasat la sfarsit cel mai important delatiu: piticul. N-a fost o idee foarte isteata, dar l-am tot amanat pentru ca nu stiam cum sa-l fac sa arate ca in capul meu. Pana la urma am facut asa:
I drew the outline on a piece of flesh-coloured fabric, and then I ironed adhesive on both sides. Then I cut out clothes and shoes and ironed them over the top.

Am desenat piticul pe o bucata de material de culoarea pielii, apoi am calcat adeziv pe ambele parti. Si apoi am decupat haine pe care le-am lipit peste.
Surprise! Due to a stoopid choice of colours, the gnome was almost invisible. I could have participated in the "Camouflage" project with him.

Surpriza! Datorita unei alegeri proaste a culorilor, piticul meu era aproape invizibil pe fundal. As fi putut participa la proiectul "Camouflage" cu el!
So I stripped him naked and re-clothed him, so that I would keep the colour scheme but provide a bit more contrast.

Asa ca l-am dezbracat si i-am dat alte haine, astfel incat sa pastrez aceeasi gama de culori dar sa creez si un pic de contrast.

And this was the story of my clumsy silly magenta quilt. And he lived happily everafter in his pink ivy-covered house:>
Si asta a fost povestea stangaciului quilt magenta. Si a trait fericit pana la adanci batranete in casa acoperita cu iedera roz :>