Sunday, June 14, 2009

Leac pentru plictiseala

I've decided this blog is getting boring. So, in order to keep you guys from falling sleep, I thought I might infuse it with the works of others. As of now, I am instituting GREEN-EYED MONDAY, the day when I express my envy of the talent of others.

M-am decis ca blogul asta devine plictisitor. Asadar, ca sa nu adormiti, ma gandeam sa-l infuzez cu creatiile altora. De acum incolo se considera instituita LUNEA INVIDIEI, ziua cand "ma racaie" talentele altora.

Today's winner is Rita, a Portuguese dollmaker whose dolls simply make me happy. There's a lot of detail in their clothing, and such pretty fabric combinations! Not to mention there's a cat in the picture... what's not to love?

Castigatoarea de azi este Rita, o portugheza ce face papusi care ma fac pe mine sa zambesc. Hainele lor sunt foarte detaliate, si combinatiile de materiale tare dragute! Ca sa nu mai vorbim ca este si o pisica in poza... cum sa nu-ti placa?

P.S. Descoperirea de azi de datoreaza Carminei. As face un link si catre ea, dar nu cred ca are blog.


Rita Pinheiro said...

Thank you for your kind words about my work. Matilde was also pleased to be mentioned ;)

Sanda said...

Green-eyed Monday :-) very funny.
It's nice to admire other dolls. And no, your blogs are far from being boring.