Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Almost a tragedy

I think I have a bad habit I might have to change: I only start doing a doll's face after everything else is finished. And the faces are the trickiest and most unpredictable part. But this time it was beyond unpredictable, it was almost tragic! Here I am, spending a couple of days making a dress that just wouldn't sit the way I wanted it to, then going through with my marvelous idea (never again!) of giving her a pair of boots, then I sit down to paint her a nice face.

I put too much water on the brush and the black paint just starts spreading and spreading under my helpless eyes, looking something like this:

I tried bleach, which is my usual emergency solution, but it did nothing (doesn't seem to affect acrylics much). Instead I managed to add a yellowish stain to the existing ones. After half a day spent wondering what the hell to do, I adopted the only logical solution (so logical, in fact, that I deserved a slap on the forehead and a "DUH!") - make-up!

So here is Sylvia, the mean goth girl :)

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