Saturday, January 17, 2009

Phonetically challenged doll

This is a doll I finished at 2am last night. It was a special order for a friend's boss: she had to have big blue eyes and blonde hair. Her colourful attire goes against my usual style, but she is for a little girl after all.

I'm a bit annoyed at my own linguistic ineptitude in embroidering the name on the little heart. I knew the girl was Hungarian, I should have known to put an accent on the first a. But not much harm done, the lady wasn't too bothered by it.

And after this colour overload, back to my usual creepy friends, I have so many plans!

1 comment:

Alexandra said...

Buna, am pus un link catre blogul tau pe Peticelul Romanesc. Cu ocazia asta am descoperit papusile cele noi - si mi-au placut! Astept alte creatii si felicitari pentru noua locuinta!